10 Advantages of Moving Your Small Business Online

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Have you watched the 2013 movie “The Internship”? The movie is based on two laid-off salesmen who were trying to get a job at Google. In their attempt to gain employment they were tasked with convincing a brick-and-mortar business to move online, via Google of course. Their success in completing this task was one of the highest points in the movie. 

The point in the making here is that moving your business online is no longer a “should-have”, but a “must-have”. as “The Internship” tells it, you risk being ‘dinosaurs’ if you do not evolve.

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1. All Your Customers Are On Social Media

Everyone is on social media, and you should be too. Social media marketing has an unlimited potential of generating new business and retaining your existing customers. It will allow you to focus on building a community with your customers and provide them with the means of getting in touch with you. Social media marketing is not that difficult, but you will have to devote a lot of time to digital branding. It’s a great way to introduce your offers, and get a positive response on the same from your audience.

2. Increased Growth in Online Shopping

If there is one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has changed, it is the immense growth in online shopping. In the last year, businesses that deliver online products have boomed. This is a trend that is going to stay as it has almost grown into a habit for many people. To start your business’s online presence, it is beneficial to hire a professional digital marketing agency to take your business to the next level.

3. Develop your Brand

Surely, you do not look forward to staying a small business for the rest of your time! To make the transition from a ‘small’ business to a large one, you need to invest in developing your brand. Despite the status of your offline business, you always have the scope to make it grow when you move online. Hiring a social media marketing agency is not enough, you will need to hire a digital marketing company for your overall branding. Initial investments in a website and its promotion across online channels will be required to develop your brand.

4. Gleaning Valuable Reviews

Even if you cannot move your entire operations online because the nature of your services does not permit it, you should still enlist your business on the internet. This allows you a chance to get valuable reviews that would speak for you. These reviews help grow your reputation and are major drivers for recurring business. They represent customer’s trust and serve as social proof for your reputation. 

5. Maintaining Digital Storefront

Maintaining a digital storefront (also known as an e-commerce presence), can get your business rolling very fast. In order to get the word out you will need to focus on digital marketing. It will take some time initially, but social media tends to make everything easier. Use a hook of attractive offers to clinch those valuable deals. Have an inventory ready and be prompt with order processing.

6. Measurable advertising

One of the biggest benefits of moving your small business online is the measurability of the advertising efforts. As you set up a campaign for your targeted audience, you get faster and more viable results. Besides, online advertising is much more cost-efficient compared to traditional TV and print adverts. Even for small businesses running on a shoestring budget, you can stretch your marketing dollars to do more for you.

7. Overall Cost Reduction

Operating your business online when done right normally leads to lower operational costs. This is done by automating sales and customer service on your website. Though you cannot replace the human factor in a customer relationship, getting your website to effectively work for you will definitely reduce the workload on your existing team and by extension the cost of labor. 

8. Competitor Analysis

Developing a clear understanding of your competitors is a crucial part of having an online business. There are a wide variety of online tools that can give you insights on your competitors SEO, ad targeting, key words, and more. Analyzing the data from these tools will help you to better understand how to capitalize on your competitors strengths and weaknesses which will help your business to succeed.

9. Digital Customer Service

A key benefit of moving your business online is the accessibility of customer service. Digital customer service allows your clients to connect with your business at anytime from any device. Another aspect that is useful with online customer service is the digital paper trail which allows you to pull information from previous customer interactions.

10. 24/7 Availability

Online marketing stretches the boundaries of your business not only across the country but throughout the world. Although your storefront may be closed, customers are able to find your business and make transactions at any given time.

Whether you want to target a local community or a larger audience, online marketing has solutions for every business size. I hope you found these tips helpful and are ready to develop your online presence. 

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