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Emails are one of the most popular ways of communication, especially for businesses. According to Statista, there were 4 billion email users in the year 2020. In addition, companies prefer emails because they save a lot of time, money and look professional.

Having a professional email is not only important for businesses, but it is also essential for individuals. For instance, email addresses like glittergirl@gmail.com or Baseballlover@hotmail.com won’t cut it in the real world. These kinds of Email addresses look unprofessional and leave a bad impression. Unprofessional Email addresses can also be an eyesore if you use them for sending resumes and cover letters.

There were an estimated 3.8 billion email accounts in the world in the year 2019. This means the chances of you getting an email address with only your full name are slim. Fortunately, your email address doesn’t have to be first and last name. There are several ways in which you can choose a professional email address.

For businesses, having professional email addresses are vital. Setting up an email for a business can be a little more tricky than setting up an email address for an individual. A business email address helps businesses in building a strong relationship with clients. Businesses need these email addresses to communicate with their existing and potential clients.

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Individuals can easily set up their email addresses through Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. But businesses have to take it a step further. Plain Gmail and Yahoo email addresses can look a tad unprofessional. That’s why businesses are required to create customized professional email addresses.

A customized business email address increases credibility and portrays the image of a well-established brand. Increasing the credibility of your business will help you in capturing more clients.

In short,  a business email address can benefit you in various ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Email addresses provided by reputable hosting companies are very secure, so you don’t have to worry about any confidential emails getting stolen. Most hosting providers make sure that all your emails are encrypted and safe from any cyber threat. All your personal and professional data will remain secure if you choose a customized email address.

IntriTech Blog - Email Security

As long as your domain name is registered, your business email address will remain secure as well.

A free email address can get blocked for many reasons while a professional email address rarely gets deleted being that you are paying for the service. The two main professional / business email providers are Microsoft and Google

Customer Retention

Imagine you are a clothing brand. You ask all your customers to provide email addresses so you can keep them updated about promotions and launches. 75 percent of your customers agree to get notified through email.

Which email do you think they are more likely to open? One from an unknown sender or one from your brand? 

You got it right, the one with your brand name.

IntriTech Blog - Customer Retention

People are reluctant to waste time reading emails from random or unsecured email addresses. A business email address will help you in this regard. Your messages will only be conveyed if your customers read the emails you are sending them. And obviously, your customers are more likely to read emails sent by your customized email addresses.

Mangoclothing@gmail.com won’t do well as compared to a professional email, sale@mangoclothing.com.

Ease of use

Customized email addresses can provide convenience to you and your staff members, as they are easy to manage. Business owners can create new accounts for their employees with a few clicks. Deleting inactive accounts is just as easy.

Professional email addresses can be easily integrated into a cell phone, and they can also get synched with various devices.


Businesses can easily customize email addresses according to their needs. Every department can have a different email address. For example:




These email addresses can help you in keeping your business organized. Having different emails also increases the efficiency of each department.

Customized email addresses appear more professional than free email addresses by increasing customers’ trust in the brand.

A Consistent Source of Communication

Business emails are a dependable way for you to communicate with your customers. These emails are not only helpful for communicating with existing customers, but they are also helpful in grabbing more clients.

Your customers can save any important emails from your brand; unlike phone calls, emails can be saved for future references. Emails are very reliable since they can’t get lost while in transit. Customized email addresses are less likely to end up in the spam folder, and thus your customers will receive your message 99 percent of the time.

Increases Website Traffic

Customized emails contain the domain name. Therefore, your potential customers can easily find your website through your email. If your email marketing strategy is on point, you will see an increase in your website traffic.

IntriTech Blog - Email Marketing

Reaching your potential customers through email and directing these potential customers to your website is easier when a professional email address is used.

Bottom Line

glitterlover@gmail.com might be a fun choice for a high school student, but not so much if you would like to showcase professionalism. Your email address serves as your online identity.

For businesses, customized email addresses can work wonders. They not only increase your customer’s trust in your brand, but they can also increase your website traffic. Businesses with customized email addresses are more likely to generate leads through email.

Do you need help setting up a professional email address?

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